Kelly Kare Offers the following General Yard & Mulch Installation Services

Serving - Batavia, Geneva, St. Charles, North Aurora, Sugar Grove, Aurora

Flowerbed/Bed Edging

Kelly Kare Lawn Maintenance

We will edge flower beds with a spade shovel. All grass and dirty material is removed and not pushed up into flowers beds. This will provide a neat and clean appearance to the beds with a deep channel to prevent grass from encroaching on the beds for the season.

Mulching Service

Kelly Kare Lawn Maintenance

We will apply a premium double ground hardwood Mulch provided by a local producer to dress flower beds. Our standard application is a 2 inch application of premium Mulch; other grades of Mulch are also available.

We figure how Mulch is needed, we order and we have the Mulch delivered directly to your site or home. You will pay what we pay for the Mulch (no material markup), plus sales tax and a small fuel charge added by provider, and the Kelly Kare installation cost.

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