5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Program

Kelly Kare Lawn Maintenance offers a 5 step Lawn Fertilizer program for residential customer in the the Fox cities, (Batavia, Geneva, St Charles, North Aurora), and surrounding communities. Our 5 Step Lawn Fertilizer Service includes the following applications.

  • Step #1 – Early Spring (Mid March – Early April). A balanced treatment to promote early Spring green up and recovery from Winter damage while thickening lawns to prevent future weed problems. Includes a pre-emergent to prevent unwanted annual grasses and weeds from germinating.

  • Step #2 – Late Spring/Early Summer (Late April – Early May). Time released nitrogen to improve color and density and to prepare for summer stress as well as a blanket application of broadleaf weed control.

  • Step #3 – Summer (June – July). Balanced granular time released treatment to maintain color and vigor throughout the summer. Including spot treatment of weeds.

  • Step #4 – Late Summer/Early Fall (August – September). Time released nitrogen to thicken grass and promote root growth and repair after summer stress. Second application of broadleaf weed control.

  • Step #5 – Late Fall (Late October – Early November). Time released nitrogen with a nutrient supply to prepare for Winter, which is very important for survival of harsh winters and provides for a early Spring green up.

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